Friday, February 18, 2011

My Dad Made Me a Nut

Shower curtain with rings
still attached. But we had
sun and no showers today.
Remember those shirts with the slogan "Insanity is hereditary ... I got it from my kids"? Or words to that effect. Well, this was kind of the reverse. Not really. Dad used his tap set to re-thread a nut for my bike axle. We were hopeful it would do the trick. No luck. I am convinced it is a size not readily available and I think this test proves me right. Might have to order a box of 'em.

Anyway, so the bike repair saga continues. Time to get to work on my Trek so I am at least making progress on something.

Today was another errand run. I waited until afternoon, then I had to wait a little longer to let my pizza digest. First stop: Dad's. But I could see he wasn't home so I didn't actually stop there and continued on to the video store to return "Middle Men." Interesting movie about the guys who pioneered online credit card payment (for their porn sites, of course). Then it was on to downtown where I was supposed to make a bank deposit, but like silly uncle Billy in "It's a Wonderful Life," I forgot (at least I didn't lose the money). 

Fork in the grass, lower right.
The library marked the halfway point, roughly. There I was faced with a fork in the road. Almost literally. Actually it was a fork in the ground, sticking out of the west lawn in front of the library. That's my second fork (not that they'll see use for dining purposes; perhaps as garden tools or something).

On the return trip I went by the folks' house again and Dad was home. We talked nuts and bikes and he got a preview of today's treasures, which he found rather amusing -- an who wouldn't be humored by random gloves, golf tees, scissors, fork and travel tissues?

Back home I tried out my new nut. You know how that turned out. As I disrobed to do my second round of sit-ups and shower, I discovered I had neglected to make the bank deposit. D'Oh! So I knew a second outing was looming. Borrowing my wife's bike (glad I bought it for her), I pedaled out to the branch bank on Henderson Street. Along the way I spotted several cans and a couple of promising piles of cloth. Hmmm, better stop at Big Lots and make a small purchase (Mountain Dew Code Red and a Kit Kat) so I have a bag for hauling goodies.

Hardware from today. Soft goods will be pictured later after
laundry is dry. Watch for an update.
This trip netted a Spider-Man ball in the bushes outside the bank, a pair of velour pants (like a woman's warm-up outfit) and some white hand towels. Now, I'm sure people think I'm a nut when they see me stop and stoop to pick up cans and "garbage" along the streets and sidewalks. And even I wonder what I'll do with most of this stuff -- like the broken power line separator I picked up Thursday. But I guess it's just something to do and something to write about for what minor entertainment value it brings. It can be cause for speculation about how these items became lost or why they were discarded, or, as has been the case with a few things, I can make someone's day by returning a lost ID or glove.

Today's Stats
Temp: 48 degrees F
Distance: 3.91 miles
Weekly total: 13.05 miles
Treasure: 1 Mad Catz lanyard; 2 poker chips (one red, one blue); 7 neon golf tees (in "American Graffiti" Harrison Ford described this color as a "cross between puke green and piss yellow"); 1 pair craft scissors; 3 gloves; 1 fork; 1 white T-shirt (oil stained and holey); 1 pack travel tissues; 1 plastic flower; 1 fleece scarf/stole (lavender); 37 cans.

Bonus Round: 3 white hand towels (quite dirty); 1 pair black velour pants with red nylon accent stripes at seams, size 18-20; Spider-Man rubber ball; Acura hubcap cover? (rather thin for a luxury brand auto)[ two 6's from Hands Down card game.

Thursday (while biking): 1 gas cap; 1 arrow (no nock); 1 power line separator (broken)

iPod Playlist (shuffle)
Stop - Pink Floyd
Love Me Do - The Beatles
Someday - Rob Thomas
Save Me - Remy Zero
Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner - Warren Zevon
Bent - Matchbox Twenty
Maggie Mae - The Beatles
Is There Anybody Out There? - Pink Floyd
The Long and Winding Road - The Beatles
Running to Stand Still - U2
Hello, Goodbye - The Beatles
I Feel Fine - The Beatles
Covered In Rain (live) - John Mayer

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